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i needed to download my vagina monologue cunt, yesterday. the director was nice enough to allow me to do this, because i creatively deal with a type of brain damage that affects my short term memory.

writing comments on images or stories that bring up memories is a great way to digitally deal with forgetfulness, dementia, and other memory issues for people like me so engrossed in social media.

all you have to do is remember your user name and how to type in a google search.

then, your personal liked life springs up.

and, similar associated links and pictures also spring up.

maybe, van go’s sunflower would not have been so lonely if it could do a search and see the  70,900,000 images of it available today.

maybe, an addict wouldn’t suffer from the disease of uniqueness if s/he not only read the big book but the 154,000,000 hits of the search phrase stories of addiction.

so, maybe although you couldn’t remember, you could just as you were feel a part of something huge, global, and safe?


i tried to download the piece to myspace, and for whatever reason i could not find the music download toolbox.

i tried dropbox but didn’t know the wnrn 91.9 administrative code to ok the download of software.

then, i went to ask, and a comment mentioned sendspace.

i went to the site and downloaded it quickly and easily.

but, when i tried to view it, i had to download liVid.

i remembered vaguely going to a site designed similarly to download a glee episode on a friend’s lap top, when he was taking care of me during a pneumonia bout, and it fried his laptop.

also, it was a feed to my ego, because my personal brand is V.

also, i noticed that a lot of cool sites had join through facebook or join through yahoo or join through twitter.

this site did not have the ability to instantly connect with my social media network.

i think phishing or destructive sites would not have these options for two reasons of the top of my tangled head.

one, if it sucks, you can instantly connect with all your followers giving a shitty review.

two, perhaps in order to interface with media giants like yahoo, facebook, etc, the servers or web publishers have to be reputable in some way to them?

i tried out this hypothesis and went to a google recommended site minus.com.

i liked this because it connects math to music.

the dash was emily dickenson’s spear.

and the most important hyphen symbol is the space between the date of our birth and the date of our death on our tombstone.

this site worked, free, no download, easy to share with all my networks.

sometimes playing in traffic is easier under the glare of my big brother.